Toot Toot

Tomorrow is my friend melissa's bridal shower.  I volunteered to bring some decorations and to make flower arrangements.  I've never actually made an 'official' flower arrangement, but i'm really good at chopping off the stems and shoving the whole bunch in the nearest vase.  Actually, Travis is the flower arranger in the family. He'd probably be mortified that i'm putting this in a public place for the world to see..... oh well.

Here is the first and the best arrangement he has ever given me.  Actually, this was our first valentines day and he whipped this little number up in his trunk while standing in my work parking lot. He even bought the vase (mug)! Needless to say he won a lot of points with the co-workers who had to let him into the office to put it on my desk, where i found it. I'm a lucky girl.

And here are my arrangements for the shower.  I'm pretty proud of myself. (me tooting my own horn) Not quite as good as Travis' but close... I aspire to his level of creativity!

Let me know if you need an arrangment done.  I'm thinking i'll quit my job and just be a florist....hahaha... ok, maybe not, but it can't hurt to dream!

Master Bedroom Obsessed

So last Friday, as i was waiting for Travis to get home, i started staring at the paint, thinking about changing things (which i usually do at least 1 time per year because i love to paint!) and i realized that the painting i have in our bedroom needed to be out in the living room. So i moved it, and i was right :) Love it out there.  But then i realized the bedroom needed some attention, and since i have been planning a bedroom makeover since before the wedding, i started giving it some serious thought and decided that i was going to go for it.

So we did! We spent pretty much all of last weekend painting, and although the color turned out a tiny bit more on the blue side of grey than i wanted, i think it's going to be great. I've poured over blogs and design sites, visited multiple fabric stores, and have changed my mind at least 3 times, but i think I've got it figured out.

I'm not done yet, so you can't see it... but i'll show you my inspiration room, and show you the AMAZING Goodwill find that Travis found on Saturday.  Yes, i did make him come with me to both the fabric store and the paint store, and i would argue that he actually had a lot of fun.  Plus, we went to the driving range in between, so the day wasn't completely about me :)

Ok, so back to the inspiration.  I actually started with this room, loving the muted grey colors with the pop of peacock teal and i was going to add some golden yellows.

But then I found this, and i fell in love, so we're going in this direction (which is actually pretty similar, but maybe a bit more 'vintage' feeling, or at least my version will be because i'm on a budget.

ok, so back to the Goodwill find. Travis found these and i fell in love.  They are masculine and feminine and make perfectly sized nightstands in our bedroom.  They are 1960's sewing tables complete with the machines still inside!  I haven't plugged them in yet to see if they work, but they are so cool!  And, only cost us $60 for the pair.  STEAL!!!  

I've got quite a bit more work to do to finish this vision i have in my head of how it will all look, but i'll post some pictures when it's done, hopefully this weekend.

Our Family is Growing!

Ok, first calm down, I'm not pregnant :)  My brother is engaged!  And his fiance is AMAZING.  I couldn't be happier. 

Curtis, I'm so proud of you.  You have picked a classy, Godly, ambitious, funny woman to be your wife and our new sister.

Ashley, the next few months will be chaos, will be exciting, will be packed with events and will go by so fast you won't believe it.  Enjoy every moment!  I couldn't have chosen a better woman to take over my spot as a Coe ;) 

Love You and welcome to the family!

Wedding Picture Preview!

Our fantastic photographer, Kristen Marie Tourtillotte, has shared a preview of our wedding photos with us!  I'm so excited to see the rest and will post more when they are ready.

I feel like I can hardly remember the actual wedding itself, except for little bits and pieces of the night.  Lemon drop shots, HOT, mac & cheese balls, dancing, dancing, dancing... it was all such a magical blur.  As pretty much everyone warned me, the day went by so incredibly fast it was humanly impossible to take in all of the different things that happened around us.  Luckily, we have pictures to tell the story :)


It's Fall...  You must have a pair of these!  Your feet will thank you.  Your sweaters and scarves will thank you.  Puddles will thank you :)


There are opportunities in life to give. Sometimes they are big and require large leaps of faith.  Sometimes they are small and seem insignificant, but let me assure you that any opportunity - big or small - to serve someone else is worth the investment. 
Travis and I joined a small group through our church that is going on a trip to Uganda to serve the kids living in an orphanage.  The orphans living here are largely orphans of parents who died of AIDS are were left abanonded.
We are not actually traveling (this time) but we are excited and honored to be supporting those who are.  Our group is still in the process of sorting out everything that we'll do when we're there, but one thing we are definitely doing is raising money so that a library can be built for the children. 
If you would like to read more about this amazing place and the vision of the people who work so hard to give these children a safe place to live, please visit the site here:

You can also follow our group blog HERE

If you would like to support our goal of building a library (complete with books and computers!) please visit our donation site HERE

Your prayers for our team as we prepare, raise funds and travel are welcome and appreciated.

Making Things 'Official'

Slowly but surely, i'm adopting my new name!  I am no longer Bonnie Theresa Coe, I am Bonnie Theresa Rauscher.  Yesterday, my work email changed... that was weird / exciting / sad.  I love my new name, but i've been Bonnie Coe my whole life and seeing someone else's name atttached to mine is bizarre.

I still have Safeway though.  We use my parent's phone number, so they always call Travis "Mr. Coe", which makes everything feel better :)

Gotta go practice my new signature!